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A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

In this nightmare vision of a not-too-distant future, fifteen-year-old Alex and his three friends rob, rape, torture and murder - for fun. Alex is jailed for his vicious crimes and the State undertakes to reform him - but how and at what cost?

Enderby Outside by Anthony Burgess

After a failed suicide attempt at the very end of Inside Mr. Enderby, the second novel opens with the protagonist under psychiatric care and working as a bartender at a large London hotel. Under the name of 'Hogg' (his stepmother's maiden name, we learn), he is persuaded to renounce the creation of poetry as an adolescent preoccupation and to pursue useful work...

Honey for the Bears by Anthony Burgess

A sharply written satire, Honey for the Bears sends an unassuming antiques dealer, Paul Hussey, to Russia to do one final deal on the black market as a favor for a dead friend's wife.

Inside Mr. Enderby by Anthony Burgess

The story opens on a note of pure fantasy, showing school children from the future taking a field trip through time to see the dyspeptic poet Francis Xavier Enderby while he is asleep. Enderby, a lapsed Catholic in his mid-40's, lives alone in Brighton as a 'professional' poet - his income being interest from investments left to him by his stepmother. Enderby composes his...

Napoleon Symphony by Anthony Burgess

Bad breath and genius ... Structured around Beethoven's Eroica, which the composer originally dedicated to Napoleon, believing him to embody the virtues of the French Revolution, Burgess's "misunderstood" 1974 novel in four parts covering Napoleon's early victories, rise to first consul and coronation, empire and fall is obviously an experiment. In what is never quite...

Nothing Like the Sun by Anthony Burgess

A magnificent, bawdy telling of Shakespeare's love life. Starting with the young Will, the novel is a romp that follows Will's maturation into sex and writing.

The Doctor is Sick by Anthony Burgess

Dr. Edwin Spindrift has been sent home from Burma with a brain tumor. Closer to words than to people, his sense of reality is further altered by his condition. When he escapes from the hospital the night before his surgery, things and people he hardly knew existed swoop down on him as he careens through an adventurous night in London.

Tremor of Intent by Anthony Burgess

The amoral Agent Hillier of MI6 journeys to the city of Yarylyuk aboard the passenger ship Polyolbion, on a mission to infiltrate a convention of Soviet scientists and return to Britain his childhood friend Roper, who has defected to Russia. En route, he meets the sexually precocious sixteen-year-old Clara, the voluptuous femme fatale Miss Devi, and the shadowy tycoon...