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The Dante Trap by Arnaud Delalande

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1756: Venice is at the height of its power, but as the madness and excess of Carnival descend on the watery city, a dark force stalks the gothic shadows... A series of gruesome murders, each fulfilling the horrific fate depicted in the nine circles of Dante's Inferno, mar the festivities. Aware the city is full of enemies of the Republic, the Doge entrusts the Black Orchid - a dashing young adventurer, seducer and former secret agent, awaiting execution beneath the Bridge of Sighs - with the secret mission of seeking out the killer: an elusive figure known only as the Chimera. As the Black Orchid embarks on the Chimera's trail, he finds himself embroiled in a terrible game of cat and mouse, drawn deep into the heart of a secret sect and a conspiracy to bring about the downfall of the city.