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Cleopatra Confesses by Carolyn Meyer

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It is the first century B.C., an ancient time of everpresent drama and danger. Cleopatra, the third of the pharaoh's six children, is whom her father has chosen to be the next queen of Egypt. But when King Ptolemy is forced into exile, Cleopatra is left alone to fend for herself in a palace rife with intrigue and murder. Smart, courageous, ambitious, and sensuously beautiful, Cleopatra possesses the charm to cause two of history's most famous leaders to fall in love with her. But as her cruel sisters plot to steal the throne, Cleopatra realizes there is only one person on whom she can rely - herself. The tale of her teenage years is a story of power and romance that stands the test of time - centuries later, Cleopatra remains a figure of mystery and intrigue.