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Nerve by Dick Francis

Robert Finn watches a fellow jockey blow his brains out soon after a race. As Finn and the other jockeys cope with the stress of their jobs, other incidents lead Finn to conclude that someone is trying to destroy the lives of jockeys all over England. Finn is not your average jockey, though. The only child of famous virtuoso musicians, in a family of virtuosos, he has not followed the family traditions. But he inherited other skills that now give him the skills to follow a sad and warped trail. And he has been remarkably successful jockey for a man with only 2 years experience. Soon, he is the next target. A losing streak that lasts weeks threatens his job until he takes it upon himself to do a little sleuthing, and uncovering the identity of the culprit. Now, Finn wants his revenge, and he takes his time setting it up.