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Under Their Skin by Dinah Lee Küng

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The Geneva laser clinic of Dr. Roman Micheli is as discreet as a Swiss bank - no matter who the patient, Roman is the dispassionate professional. His wife Isabel, a WHO leprologist, is even more dedicated to her work than Roman. But their technically perfect partnership unravels when an American violinist strides onto a concert stage and weaves the audience into her musical spell. The doctor strains from his seat to diagnose the purple stain marring this virtuoso's beauty. His medical science could transform this girl's future - and yet it will be Mira's ephemeral artistry which threatens his. The tattoos of a mute Japanese patient echo the doctor's plummet from impervious Olympus to vulnerable humanity. Through his bewildered Asian prism, the well-intentioned Shino contributes to Roman's Dantean journey from medical superiority to humbled self-knowledge and redemption. A satirically philosophical look at what lies beneath the surface of our everyday actions and their unexpected consequences.


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