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The Woman in the Window by Franklin L. King

Book cover for The Woman in the Window
A traumatized Marine Corps pilot moves to Paris to heal while fulfilling his passion to paint. Despite knowing that his artistic talent is limited, he enjoys the experience of painting images from thoughts. In that he had already published three books of poetry, he remains captivated by how poems create images within the mind. Fascinated by a 1900 photograph of a Parisian model seated in a window, he begins to paint the scene over and over. Each time he adds more refinement, more nuances in the details, more light changes upon her skin. A beautiful courtesan surrounded by flowers begins to inhabit the barren frame. Before long his sketching of a stranger in a café leads to a request to pose. After the sitting, the woman disappears. He journeys to the French countryside to continue painting. There he encounters another stranger willing to sit for him who shares the same persona as the Woman in the Window.


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