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The Untouchable by Gerald Seymour

Book cover for The Untouchable
Albert William Packer is the supreme baron of London crime. He rules his manor with a cruel, ruthless fist. To those around him, on whatever side of the law, he is the Untouchable. When another criminal case against him collapses, Packer turns his attention to expanding his heroin empire abroad. Where better to cut out the middle man than at the historic smuggling crossroads of Europe, the Balkans? New men and women are drafted into Customs & Excise unit dedicated to convicting Packer. Only one from the old team survives: the most junior, Joey Cann, retained solely for his obsessional knowledge of the man who calls himself 'Mister'. When Packer leaves for Sarajevo, it is inevitable that Cann be sent after him for 'intrusive surveillance'. The brief: to bring back the evidence that will finally nail Packer to the wall, whatever it takes. In London, it would have been no contest. But here on the war-torn streets of a city where justice is enforced by gangster warlords, Packer is far from home and from what he knows. Here, who will be the Untouchable, who will walk away?