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Jousts and Tournaments by Guy Adam & Jacques Mare'chal

Guy Adam and Jacques Mare'chal bring to life aristocratic medieval sports in this unique and richly illustrated work. Experiencing a growth in popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, enthusiasts and reenactors are dedicated to recreating in authentic detail the colors, sounds, and emotions of the tournaments and jousts. These specialists spare no expense in creating the armor and equipment consistent with what the combatants of the 14th and 15th centuries used. Their close research has allowed them to raise several questions which traditional documentation has left unanswered: how were the tournaments refereed, what must be the knight's position on the horse, how were the lances prepared, etc... ? The pages of Jousts and Tournaments are filled with Jacques Mare'chal's brilliant illustrations detailing the armor and equipment used during the five centuries, which reached its height during the 15th century, and will be of particular interest to enthusiasts of medieval history and reenactors alike.