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That Other Juana by Linda Carlino

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This is a story of obsessive love, uncontrolled passion - and cruel, cynical betrayal set in 16th century Spain. Queen Juana, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabel, sister of Catherine of Aragon, was the mother of Carlos V (Holy Roman Emperor), and grandmother of Philip II. Juana, a remarkable woman of her times, was highly intelligent and talented, had her own strongly held views and opinions, was daring and valiant, was always faithful to her high moral and ethical principles, but at times, was a victim of her strong emotions. A founder of the powerful Hapsburg dynasties of Spain and Austria, she never knew or enjoyed their fortunes. Instead, throughout her long life, she suffered at the hands of three men driven by their insatiable thirst for power. First her husband Philip, Archduke of Austria, a blatant womaniser and political schemer; next, her father who publicly humiliated her and had her imprisoned in an isolated village; and finally, her son Carlos who subjected her to a further thirty years of incarceration and torture. With astonishing fortitude and indomitable spirit Juana endured it all. Her spirited resistance to this lifetime of barbaric persecution earned her, unfairly, the infamous nickname Juana la Loca, Joan the Mad.