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Cleopatra's Secret by Lydia Storm

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Hidden beneath a veil of incense, inside Egypt's most sacred temple, lies the door to a secret chamber Cleopatra must guard with her life. Within resides an ancient mystery the pharaohs and their high priests, The Keepers of the Light, have protected for thousands of years. But with the rise of Rome's first Emperor, Augustus Caesar, Cleopatra is forced to fight to save her sacred order from the Roman invaders. If she fails, the brutal Emperor will twist the light The Keepers guard into a fierce darkness, laying waste to the world and destroying the harmony of the universe forever. Can she trust another Roman, Marc Antony, the lover who has blinded her with desire, even as Augustus and his legions stand poised at the gates of Alexandria? And will her soul-stirring passion for Antony endure when Cleopatra is forced to sacrifice her life for the secret she is sworn to protect?