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A Damsel in Distress by P. G. Wodehouse

Golf-loving American composer George Bevan falls in love with a mysterious young lady who takes refuge in his taxicab one day; when he tracks her down to a romantic rural manor, mistaken identity leads to all manner of brouhaha...

Aunts Aren't Gentlemen by P. G. Wodehouse

In Aunts Aren't Gentlemen Bertie Wooster withdraws to the village of Maiden Eggesford on doctor's orders to "sleep the sleep of the just and lead the quiet Martini-less life." Only the presence of the irrepressible Aunt Dahlia shatters the rustic peace.

Barmy in Wonderland by P. G. Wodehouse

Cyril Fothingay-Phipps, known to his friends as Barmy is persuaded to invest his modest fortune in the stage production of Sacrifice. But not everyone views his enterprise with such optimism, in fact if it had not been for the delectable Miss Dinty Moore, Barmy may well have given up any thoughts of being a theatrical tycoon.

Cocktail Time by P. G. Wodehouse

Frederick, fifth Earl of Ickenham sometimes feels that his life-work of spreading sweetness and light - or, as some put it, meddling in other people's business - is almost too much for one man single handedly.

Do Butlers Burgle Banks? by P. G. Wodehouse

Mike Bond finds himself in a spot of trouble so serious that he wants someone to burgle the bank before the trustees inspect it. Fortunately for him, Horace Appleby, currently posing as his butler, is on hand to oblige. For Horace is, in fact, not a butler at all but the best sort of American gangster, prudently concealing himself in an English country house while hiding...

French Leave by P. G. Wodehouse

Terry and Jo Trent fly from the chicken farm in Bensonburg to the fleshpost of France, where even the eagle eye of elder sister Kate cannot prevent muddle, mismatch, and mayhem.

Frozen Assets by P. G. Wodehouse

Edmund Biffen Christopher is set to receive his Godfather's legacy - if he manages to avoid being arrested. Lord Tilbury wants Biffen to fall foul of the law so that he will receive the legacy himself, and enlists his henchman to hasten Biffen's fall.

Full Moon by P. G. Wodehouse

When the moon is full at Blandings, strange things happen: among them the painting of a portrait of The Empress, twice in succession winner in the Fat Pigs Class at the Shropshire Agricultural Show. What better choice of artist, in Lord Emsworth's opinion, than Landseer. The renowned painter of The Stag at Bay may have been dead for decades, but that doesn't prevent Galahad...

Golf Without Tears by P. G. Wodehouse

Golf and love - the two primal obsessions. Wodehouse displays his most uproarious storytelling and never-ending jollity in these tales of lovers on the links.

Hot Water by P. G. Wodehouse

Packy Franklyn, an American millionaire and sportsman, is engaged to Lady Beatrice Bracken and is staying in England. A chance meeting with the great Dry legislator, Senator Ambrose Opal, leads to all hell breaking loose when a letter written by the Senator to his bootlegger is used as a tool for blackmail. The book also features Gordon "Oily" Carlisle and Gertie, who...

Joy in the Morning by P. G. Wodehouse

Bertie is persuaded to brave the home of his fearsome Aunt Agatha and her husband Lord Worplesdon, knowing that his former fiancee, the beautiful and formidably intellectual Lady Florence Craye will also be in attendance. What ensues will come to be remembered as The Steeple Bumpleigh Horror, with Bertie under constant threat of engagement to Craye, violence from her oafish...

Leave it to Psmith by P. G. Wodehouse

The plot is a typical Wodehouse romance, with Psmith inveigling himself into the idyllic castle, where there are the usual crop of girls to woo, crooks to foil, imposters to unmask, haughty aunts to baffle and valuable necklaces to steal. Among the players is Psmith's good friend Mike, married to Phyllis and in dire need of some financial help; the ever-suspicious Rupert...

Money for Nothing by P. G. Wodehouse

Following a contretemps with Colonel Wyvern, what could be better than a sojourn at Healthward Ho? Quite a lot, as it turns out, when Lester Carmody of Rudge Hall puts himself into the hands of Dr Twist, the aptly named owner of the establishment, and pursues a devious money-making scheme.

Performing Flea by P. G. Wodehouse

A non-fiction book, consisting of a series of letters written by Wodehouse to William Townend, a friend of Wodehouse since their schooldays together at Dulwich College.

Psmith, Journalist by P. G. Wodehouse

"My father," Psmith had confided to Mike, meeting him at the station in the family motor on the Monday, "is a man of vast but volatile brain. He has not that calm, dispassionate outlook on life which marks your true philosopher, such as myself. I - " "I say," interrupted Mike, eyeing Psmith's movements with apprehension, "you aren't going to drive, are you?"

Service With a Smile by P. G. Wodehouse

Lord Emsworth's home is overrun with pesky intruders, from the noisy boys of the local Church Lad's Brigade camping at the lake to the curmudgeonly Duke of Dunstable, who is scheming to steal Emsworth's peerless pig. Fortunately, Uncle Fred is on hand to sort everything out.

Something Fishy by P. G. Wodehouse

A butler named Keggs who, having overheard the planning of a scheme, later decides to try and make money out of his knowledge. This title features Percy Pilbeam, the unscrupulous head of the Argus Detective Agency, who first appeared in "Bill the Conqueror" (1924) and was in several other Wodehouse books, including a visit to Blandings Castle in "Summer Lightning" (1929).

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse

A Bertie and Jeeves classic, featuring an Alpine hat, a black amber statuette, and the dreaded Totleigh Towers. In Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves, Bertie's newt-breeding friend Gussie Fink-Nottle must marry Madeline Bassett or Bertie will be obliged to take his place. Understandably, Bertie is aghast. It seems like certain suicide, but Jeeves must find a way to save his employer...

Summer Lightning by P. G. Wodehouse

"The Empress of Blandings", prize-winning pig and all-consuming passion of Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth, has disappeared. Blandings Castle is in uproar and there are suspects a-plenty - from Galahad Threepwood (who is writing memoirs so scandalous they will rock the aristocracy to its foundations) to the Efficient Baxter, chilling former secretary to Lord Emsworth. Even...

The Code of the Woosters by P. G. Wodehouse

When Aunt Dahlia demands that Bertie Wooster help her dupe an antique dealer into selling her an 18th-century cow-creamer. Dahlia trumps Bertie's objections by threatening to sever his standing invitation to her house for lunch, an unthinkable prospect given Bertie's devotion to the cooking of her chef, Anatole. A web of complications grows as Bertie's pal Gussie...

The Inimitable Jeeves by P. G. Wodehouse

This classic collection of linked stories feature some of the funniest episodes in the life of Bertie Wooster, gentleman, and Jeeves, his gentleman's gentleman - in which Bertie's terrifying Aunt Agatha stalks the pages, seeking whom she may devour, while Bertie's friend Bingo Little falls in love with seven different girls in succession (he marries the last, bestselling...

The Little Nugget by P. G. Wodehouse

A comic thriller set in an English prep school for the children of the nobility and gentry. Into their midst comes eleven-year-old Ogden Ford, the mouthy, overweight, chain-smoking son of an American millionaire. Ogden (whom we meet again in Piccadilly Jim) is the object of a kidnap attempt which forms the basis of the plot. The comedy arises from Wodehouse's favourite...

Uncle Dynamite by P. G. Wodehouse

Sally Painter beseeches the aid of her perennially youthful Uncle Fred in a delicate family matter. Frederick, fifth Earl of Ickenham, recognizing a situation calling for brilliant strategy and audacity, evolves a masterly plan.