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The Occult and You by Roger Ellis

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Advice for all concerning the dangers of the occult. Ellis lays the groundwork for a biblical understanding of the occult and the supernatural, as well as showing us how to take a positive Christian stand in Spiritual warfare. Horoscopes, reincarnation, ouija boards... Day by day our senses are bombarded by occult propaganda: books on spiritualism, TV reports on the paranormal, horoscopes on the internet. Bestseller book charts are filled with titles about witchcraft and wizardry. This books warns of the dangers of dabbling with forces beyond our control. It also shows a way out for those who have been spiritually and emotionally wounded by demonic powers. Chapters include: From Atheism to New Age, Occult Power, Horror-scopes, Satan's Stranglehold, and A Way Out. • Few books exist on this subject. • Provides practical help and advice. • Offers sound biblical guidance.


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