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Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing by Stephen Bly

Book cover for Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing
A horrific blizzard was only the start of Stuart Brannon's troubles. For a man who didn't need another disaster, the fierce winter at Broken Arrow Crossing couldn't have come at a worse time. Stuart Brannon had just abandoned his Arizona ranch, sick with grief after losing his family and his cattle. That's when the vicious Colorado blizzard struck. Half frozen, Brannon stumbles into the isolated stage station at the Crossing. There he finds a wounded prospector and sets about to nurse the man back to health. Winter storms bring other stragglers to the station an abused, pregnant Indian girl and naive gold seekers. Drawn into their desperate plights, Brannon plunges into a dangerous mission to rescue a boy from the Indians, and then himself becomes the target of an outlaw band.