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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest by Stieg Larsson

All Lisbeth Salander wants is to pursue her revenge - against the individuals and the institutions - that did their best to destroy her life. Unfortunately, Salander is laid up with critical injuries in the Sahlgrensa hospital and will need the help of newspaper man Mikael Blomkvist in order to put to rest her troubled past - and to prove her still doubted innocence in a slate of Stockholm murders. First on Blomkvist's list of shady characters is Salander's father, a Soviet double-agent who has long worked for Sweden's secret police. Investigating an individual with such a storied past inevitably ticks off some powerful and dangerous individuals, as the journalist slowly begins to unravel a long-buried conspiracy. While Blomkvist doggedly searches for proof of Salander's innocence-and his lady friend Erica struggles with sexism at her new job-Larsson's obsession-worthy heroine is stuck in a hospital bed-but worry not, devoted fans, she can do quite a lot of good damage with a few simple movements of her fingers upon her PDA.