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Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Book cover for Lolita
Humbert Humbert, a literary scholar, has harbored a long-time obsession with young girls, or "nymphets". He suggests that this was caused by the premature death of a childhood sweetheart, Annabel Leigh. After an unsuccessful marriage, Humbert moves to the small New England town of Ramsdale to write. He rents a room in the house of Charlotte Haze, a widow. While Charlotte tours him around the house, Humbert meets her 12-year-old daughter, Dolores—or Lolita—with whom he immediately becomes infatuated, partly due to her uncanny resemblance to Annabel. Humbert stays at the house only to remain near her. While he is obsessed with Lolita, he disdains her crassness and preoccupation with contemporary American popular culture, such as teen movies and comic books.