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Tintin Characters

Fancy yourself a Tintinologist? Let's see if you know when the different characters made their appearance...

1. In which book does Tintin first meet Captain Haddock?
2. In which book did Professor Calculus first make his appearance?
3. In which book did Thomson and Thompson first bumble onto the scene?
4. Bianca Castafiore, the "Milanese Nightingale", first shows up in which book?
5. In which book is Snowy the only character to remember their abduction by aliens?
6. In which story did Tintin first meet Chang Chong-Chen?
7. Though Rastapopoulos may have had a cameo in Tintin in America, in which book did we learn his name?
8. In which book did Nestor, the butler of Marlinspike Hall, first appear?
9. In which book did we first meet Jolyon Wagg, the jolly insurance salesman?
10. Finally, Tintin himself: which was his first book?

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