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Find the answers to these questions about Clive Cussler's books.

1. In which book did the luxury cruise ship Emerald Dolphin suddenly catch fire and sink?
2. Which of these books is a non-fiction work about Cussler's own experiences?
3. In which book do Husband-and-wife team Sam and Remi Fargo go on a hunt for the tomb of Attila the Hun?
4. Which of these is a children's book?
5. In which book was the key to eternal life found?
6. In which book is Isaac Bell up against a team of Bolshevik assassins and saboteurs - intent on overthrowing the government of the United States?
7. In which book does Dirk Pitt discover a secret trail to the treasures of Alexandria?
8. In which book is Dirk Pitt on a hunt for a sunken cargo of chemicals?
9. In which book does Dirk Pitt confront the ruthless smuggler Qin Shang?
10. In which book does Dirk Pitt hunt down the plane bound for the Pacific carrying thirty-six Doomsday Bombs?

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