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Can you answer these questions?

1. Inspector Montalbano wakes to find a gruesomely bludgeoned horse carcass in front of his seaside home in which book?
2. Inspector Bordelli investigates when a man is found murdered with a pair of scissors stuck through his throat in which novel?
3. Someone is killing Italy's prominent businessmen and Vice-Commissario Guido Brunetti is on the case in which book?
4. When a wealthy general, head of one of Italy's finest Fascist families, goes missing from his palatial estate, Inspector Peroni is call in to investigate in which of these?
5. When the body of a girl is discovered, scantily dressed and lying by the edge of the woods, Chief Superintendent Michele Ferrara decides to take over the case in which book?
6. When the corpse of the shady Bologna industrialist who owns the local football team is found both shot and stabbed with a Parmesan knife, Aurelio Zen is summoned to oversee the investigation in which book?
7. When an elderly man is stabbed to death in an elevator and a crewman on an Italian fishing trawler is machine-gunned by a Tunisian patrol boat off Sicily's coast, only Montalbano suspects the link between the two incidents in which of these novels?
8. Commissario de Luca is posing as a certain Giovanni Morandi to avoid reprisals for the role he played during the fascist dictatorship, in which of these?
9. Inspector Brunetti's wife is the culprit in which of these novels?
10. When a pompous notary commissions Castagnetti to verify that a missing person is 'presumed dead' in order to dispose of a dead woman's estate to the other heirs, Casta smells a rat in which of these novels?

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