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Can you find the answers to these questions.

1. In which of these books was Detective Lindsay Boxer's baby born?
2. Gary Soneji is the brilliant psychopath in which of these Alex Cross books?
3. Detective Alex Cross' family is in danger in which of these novels?
4. Rafe Khatchadorian has problems in which of these?
5. Jack Mullen's brother is murdered in which of these books?
6. In which story do Max and her Flock have to save Angel?
7. Daniel X's next target is Phosphorius Beta in which book?
8. Jackson Oz, a young biologist races to save the world in which of these books?
9. Tandy Angel tries to exonerate her brother of his girlfriend's murder in which novel?
10. Alex Cross battles the ruthless and powerful killer called 'The Wolf' in which of these books?

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