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Georgette Heyer Quotes

Match Georgette Heyer's quotes and the characters who spoke them to her Regency novels.

1. “Well, you have the right to make a sacrifice of yourself, but I'll be damned if I'll let you sacrifice me!”
- Miles Calverleigh
2. “You know what I think? Fate! That's what it is fate! There's a thing that comes after a fellow:got a name,but I forgot what it is. Creeps up behind him, and puts him in the basket when he ain't expecting it.”
- Ferdy
3. “Remind me one day to teach you how to achieve a sneer, Hugh. Yours is too pronounced, and thus but a grimace. It should be but a faint curl of the lips.”
- Justin Alistair, Duke of Avon
4. “You don't feel you could marry me instead? Got no brains, of course, and I ain't a handsome fellow, like Jack, but I love you. Don't think I could ever love anyone else.”
- Freddy
5. “Will you marry me, vile and abominable girl that you are?"
- Charles
6. “The truth is that I told Lucius Kennet and Silas to kidnap you for me, but I thought they could do it without using any horrid stratagems! That was fair enough! There could be no possible objection, for how could I kidnap you myself?”
- Deborah Grantham
7. “Fair Fatality, you are the most unusual female I have encountered in all my thirty-eight years!"
- Lord Damerel
8. 'There is a corpse somewhere on the road to town. Mr. Fox does not want it there. Remove it.'
- Dominic Alistair
9. 'Now tell me, do my eyes deceive me, or is there a suggestion - the merest hint - of a - really, I fear I must call it a bagginess - about the ankle'
- Marcus Drelincourt
10. 'I hesitate to wound you...but the spectacle of a woman of your name, birth, and tradition, cold-bloodedly offering herself to the highest bidder is not one calculated to impress the world with a very strong notion of her pride'
- Sir Richard Wyndham

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