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Match the description of the quest to its book.

1. In which the Hero spends years trying to get home only to find his wife has a house full of suitors.
2. In which the author quests for knowledge, culminating in the 'Origin of the Species'.
3. In which Arthur Dent quests across space for many unusual things (including a cup of tea).
4. In which the hero must find and return Zeus' stolen property.
5. Prince Caspian searches for seven men banished by his uncle.
6. In which the hero, and a band of dwarves, set off to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.
7. A group of adventurers led by Allan Quatermain search through unexplored Africa for the brother of one of the party.
8. In which a ring must be thrown into the fires of Mount Doom.
9. In which a band of rabbits leave their home to find a mysterious promised land and a more perfect society.
10. In which the heroine searches for a wizard.

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