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Can you find the book that matches the description of these Men in Uniform?

1. The main character of this series wore the uniform of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars.
2. Captain John Yossarian wore a U.S. Army Air Forces uniform in which book?
3. D'Artangnan wore a French uniform in which book?
4. This man wore the uniform of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.
5. In which novel did W.P. Inman wear a Confederate Army uniform?
6. Nikolai Rostov is conscripted into a squadron of hussars in which of these?
7. Paul Baumer wears a World War 1 German army uniform in this novel.
8. Ballista is in the Roman army in AD 255.
9. In this novel a young Italian officer is posted to the Greek Island of Cephallonia.
10. Armour would have been the uniform of the day for this English king.

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